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Pacific Fisherman Shipyard Boiler Room

Pacific Fisherman Shipyard 

Contractor: Abundant Heating & Air Conditioning

Scope: Replace clogged & leaking 20 yr. old boiler with (2) High Efficiency Boilers for a more flexible system with redundancy in the event of boiler failure.

The existing boiler at P.F.S. was on its last legs and would only run for a few hours at a time before shutting off. This was a serious problem for the busy shipyard in the heart of Ballard. With a full suite of offices, warehouses and workshops the latter of which are constantly exposed to the cold winter air reliable and powerful heating is a necessity.

P.F.S. had hoped the boiler would make it through the winter and into the spring They gathered several bids and weighed their options. However, after one too many mornings arriving to an ice cold workshop enough was enough and they pulled the trigger on a modern, efficient and most importantly, a reliable 2 boiler system.



The old gas boiler had seen better days….


This is the only portion of the boiler that was not clogged->



The other 60% of the heat exchanger looked like this…Totally plugged








Abundant Heating and Air Conditioning was the winning contractor and in 5 days with a one day change-over had the old boiler out, the room cleared with loads of new space and the heat back on. The system included the following features:

  • (2) NTI TFT-250 95% efficient condensing gas boilers
    • Boilers use outdoor temperature to calculate minimum required water temperature
    • Boilers rotate run time or work in conjunction for peak heating needs on coldest days
  • (3) Grundfos MAGNA 32-100 high efficiency  ECM Circulators– using 70% less electricity than the old heavy pumps with nearly silent operation
  • Caleffi 2″ Hydro-Seperator providing:
    • temperature sensing
    • air/dirt/hydraulic separation for the entire system, protecting the boilers from the inevitable dirt in the old system piping throughout the building.

Finished Project: A Modern & Efficient Boiler Room
















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